Secure your website’s traffic

An SSL certificate allows traffic, to and from your website to be encrypted, protecting you and your visitors from potential eavesdroppers.

We utilise Trustwave© certificates, and can only provide certificates in conjunction with a web hosting service.

Single Domain

A single domain certificate is valid for a single domain (such as or, as well the root domain (


1 Year Protection


A wildcard certificate is valid for unlimited subdomains of a given domain name, as well as the root domain.


1 Year Protection
What you need to know
Renewal is not automatic but we will contact you well in advance of expiry to make sure you're always protected.
Standard Terms of Service also apply.

Included Features

Supports 99% of Browsers

Compatible with most browsers

Local Support

Available 7 days a week

Up to 256bit SSL Encryption

Rest assured you'll be protected

Free Reissuance

If you change computers, no worries, we'll reissue you another SSL certificate for that device for free

$10,000 Warranty

You're covered

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